We will teach you how to SPEAK the language, you study!

Having joined our school as a preschooler, not being able to read and write, will learn to speak English and Romanian in a playful form. If you are school age or an adult, when you come to us you will develop your ability to speak, listen to the language, read and write!


Only here you can monitor student progress in online Achievements Room and see the comments of teachers at the end of each lesson!

Students can see their homework and the lesson topics.

Students can only access personal information resources in the form of a timetable to which all other information is linked

Changing the schedule involves an announcement. There is the possibility of linking to social networks, in particular Facebook.

We do not store personal data about our students, with the exception of email address.

Each lesson is described by a homework assignment, a teacher's personal assessment in the form of an evaluation or a comment.


Classes at the Educational Centre Perspective will engage in English communication to get acquainted with interesting people, learn something new and just have a fantastic time. IT WILL BE FUN!

There are two highly recommended, and widely used, methods of learning English: traditional and communicative.

Traditional methods will allow you to master grammar perfectly, to expand vocabulary and to understand the lexical subtleties of English. Communicative methodology is aimed at improving the practical skills of English. Students become knowledgeable with English-speaking communication through live dialogue, listening to audio recordings and watching videos and films in English.

Each of these techniques has its pros and cons. In extrapolating the best from each approach and skillfully combining it, we can achieve elevated results:

Traditional method


A pledge of your competent oral and written speech

Reading and translating texts

Mastering the most complex grammatical constructions

Understanding the logic and structure of the English language


Requires patience and perseverance

Lack of conversational practice

Little attention is paid to conversational practice

Communicative methods


Development of spoken English. Quick result

Interesting and fascinating

You can easily overcome the language barrier

You will start to think in English


Not suitable for beginners

Little time is devoted to the grammar of English

Over the years of applying this method, we were convinced the best result provides a competent and balanced combination of traditional and communicative techniques.


Leading experts in the field of linguistic education consider the communicative method of teaching the most effective. This method was first applied more than 50 years ago and excellent results have proven the effectiveness of the communicative approach. The method continues to be employed today in the majority of the world's best language schools, including Educational Centre Perspective.

Romanian classes at ECP are conducted in groups of 7 to 10 students. This number of students is considered optimal for achieving the main goal of learning, the ability to freely express your thoughts in the language of study. Working this way, the teacher has the opportunity to place students into small subgroups or pairs, giving them collective assignments. In addition, group training of students expands their vocabulary due to the constant exchange of vocabulary and the perception of new idioms not only from the teacher, but also from their classmates.

In addition to working in pairs, the teacher organizes collective discussions and conducts role plays, acting as a facilitator. At the same time, the instructor determines the topic of the conversation, makes sure every student has an opportunity to express their point of view and asks follow-up questions.

To make the classes more interesting, and the process of memorizing new language constructions more effective, the teacher uses video and audio materials in addition to oral and written exercises. Viewing modern films, reading newspapers and listening to news and songs on the radio significantly accelerates the process of introducing students to the Romanian language environment. Students are also given the opportunity to use additional resources, including a variety of literature in the language of study and for self-study at home.

Event Meeting

Other facilities

We prepare students for international exams, such as First Certificate, TOEFL, IELTS, TRINITY.

Our preparatory programs are effective due to the fact that we:

  • Pay attention to the development of practical language skills in everyday situations;

  • Focus on achieving the required result;

  • Develop at the same time the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening to the extent that it is necessary in the exam

  • Practice the strategy of passing exams;

  • Conduct simulations, test exams;

  • Arrange individual consultations.

Educational Center Perspective

We were the first language center in Balti, who offered clients a free trial lesson and classes with native speakers being A2 or B1 students of English.

Today the Educational Centre Perspective has seven years of successful course study and thousands of satisfied students. Our Center takes leading positions in ratings of English language courses in Moldova. Most new students come to us on recommendations of their friends and acquaintances.

We have only the best teachers and a very friendly atmosphere!

A distinctive feature of the Center are the contributions of the strongest teaching staff. Teachers in the Educational Centre Perspective are specialists of the highest qualification, whose professionalism is confirmed by the world-recognized CELTA certificates.

The team of teachers, together with a team of sensitive and responsive managers, is a well-coordinated and efficient system aimed at results. A wise philosophy of leadership allows us to create a warm and cozy atmosphere inside the Centre.

Competently chosen size of groups, talented and enterprising teachers, effective teaching methods, as well as a comfortable audience and their diligence, these are the components of successful training! From the very beginning, Perspective Educational Centre paid special attention to group teaching of the English language. We believe that being in a group is the best option for most people.

About Educational Centre Perspective


An excellent result B2 in English, Cambridge, First Certificate

An excellent result B2 in English, Cambridge, First Certificate

We are proud of our ex-students, who do not forget their teachers even after admission to the prestigious pilot academies of St. Petersburg.

We are flying!

We are flying!

We are very proud of the young men who received international certificates and automatically received 10 in the final English school exam.

We enjoy speaking English

We enjoy speaking English

Such young boys, but can already freely communicate with native speakers. The photo is showing you them having a great time at the event dedicated to Halloween. They both started studying English being 5 years old!



There is a teacher who received the prestigious Cambridge CELTA certificate and 8 years ago became the first CELTA qualified teacher of English in Balti.

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